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State-of-the-Art Robotic Metal Finishing Solutions

  • Client-centric projects for all/any casting finishing solutions, customized for high volume or jobbing and large-low volume boutique castings.
  • Blue-Light and Laser Scanning
  • 7-Axis robots
  • Heavy duty spindles and multi-tool capability
  • Automatic tool changing
  • Over 5500 machines and 400 employees
  • Custom tooling and fixture design and provision
  • Standard parts plus compliance with all automotive industry specifications as well as UL, O.S.H.A, N.I.O.S.H, EPA, NFPA, ANSI, Etc.
  • Client Training, Commissioning & Offline Programing services.
  • HQ team consists of experienced hands-on foundrym


Initial Concept

Real Time Animated Tool Path & Process Simulation

Initial Concept

Process Design

Process Programming, Fixture Design & Tool Selection, Offline Programming

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R&D + Engineering Studies

Verification of QC Production Rate; Comprehensive FEE Studies

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Finished Robotic Cell

Single or Multi-Cell Automated Systems

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