ROBOFINISH Opens New Headquarters in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE, WI – ROBOFINISH by Grind Master of North America has announced the opening of their new headquarters and Innovation R&D Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The ROBOFINISH and Grind Master team members are global leaders in process expertise, systems development, and customized programming. The company operates 6 turnkey factories, 80 design/robotic engineers and over 400 direct employees.

The Milwaukee ROBOFINISH facility is the latest addition to the Grind Master Group. The new facility boasts Robotic Casting Grinding Test cells with 500 kg Robot capacity. It is also integrated with specialized LASER Multi-Tasking Scanning systems. This machinery and systems provide state-of-the-art Robotic metal finishing solutions for all types of metals. The offerings include:

  • Proprietary ROBOFINISH-Adaptive Robotics for:
  • Cut-off, Grinding, Polishing and Machining processes.

The company also provides Front End Engineering Studies (FEES), 3-D Animated Part Finishing Simulations, Custom Machine Designs, Tooling, Training, Offline Part Programming, Conveyor Handling, Process Systems, and Turnkey Installations.
Sameer Kelkar, Grind Master Global Holding CEO and R&D Head said, “We have had our sights set on establishing a facility in the United States for some time now, and I’m very pleased that we have finally accomplished our goal. This new location will facilitate the convenience of faster shipment times for our U.S. clients.” He further added, “ROBOFINISH revolutionizes robotic casting finishing solutions with enhanced performance, quality, and ROI.”

ROBOFINISH by Grind Master boasts over 35 years of global industry-leading experience and has a growing list of major global metal producing clients. The ROBOFINISH HQ team consists of experienced hands-on foundrymen. The company uses standard parts and complies with all automotive industry specifications as well as UL, O.S.H.A, N.I.O.S.H, EPA, NFPA, ANSI, etc. They also provide client training, commissioning & offline programming services to ensure clients achieve maximum use and performance from all ROBOFINISH products.
For a unique solution contact ROBOFINISH North America HQ. For further information, visit: or www.ROBOFINISH.Net